Dr. Mudrak is a primary healthcare provider for the entire family, and brings to her practice a wide range of expertise and experience. Philosophically, Dr Mudrak describes her vision and practice:

"By combining modern medicine and ageless wisdom, I help you feel better and live better. I look for underlying causes of illness - the reasons your symptoms appeared in the first place, using a holistic approach.

I recognize that the underlying cause of illness stems from structural, nutritional, emotional, and biochemical elements. I account for all of these elements and treat you as an integrate, whole person."

uDr. Mudrak's qualifications include:

• Doctor of Chiropractic, Northwestern uCollege of Chiropractic.

Licensed acupuncturist (L.Ac.) by the kMinnesota Board of Medical Practice.

• National Commission for the Certification of aAcupuncture & Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

• Bachelor of Arts, Chemistry, uUniversity of nMinnesota.

• Tai Chi and Chi Gong Practioner.

• Gymnast, weight lifter (national title Uholder), wand power lifter (state title Uholder).

• Nutrition and weight loss consultant.