Predictive Genomics is a powerful tool that is at the cutting edge of health care today. “Most medicine to-date, including what’s been called preventative, is all practicing ‘downstream’ medicine,” at the site of the river of ill health. And it is time to start practicing true preventive medicine, which is what Predictive Genomics does.

Using a set of four simple tests, Predictive Genomics “decodes” your individual DNA information, allowing Dr. Mudrak to make simple diet, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications that can address potential health issues before they appear in the body.

These four tests determine the unique expression of your body.

• Cardio Profile: regulation of blood pppressure and cholesterol
• Osteo Profile: ability to utilize bone wbuilding nutrients
• Immuno Profile: immune function
• Detox Profile: processing and elimination oof toxins

Questions & Answers About Predictive Genomics for Patients

Q: What are genes?
A: Genes are Nature's blueprint for "building" life. Genes are present in the central compartment (the nucleus) of almost every one of the 100 trillion cells in your body. In all, your body contains about 30,00 - 40,000 genes.

Q: How do genes do this?
A: Genes contain long double-stranded segments called DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). DNA is formed by a sequence of four chemicals (called nucleotides). The arrangement of these four nucleotides makes up your genetic code. No two individuals (except identical twins) are born with the same exact arrangement. In fact, just by changing the order of these four chemicals, all the wondrous genetic diversity within the human race is created.