Using state of the art nutritional research conducted be Jeffrey Bland, Dr. Mudrak addresses how the body’s systems function and integrate with each other. Where imbalances are detected, she returns, maintains, and supports normal physiological function using:

• Dietary modification
• Lifestyle changes, including windividualized exercise
• Nutritional supplementation

Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., the acclaimed author and educator, as well as chair of the Functional Medicine Institute, has defined functional medicine in the following way:

“Functional Medicine is the field of health care that employs assessment and early intervention into the improvement of physiological, cognitive/emotional and physical functioning.”

“Functional medicine adopts an integrative approach to achieving optimal health,

crossing traditional barriers between medical systems. Ideally, functional medicine focuses on prevention and restoration of efficient physiological function. A central principle of functional medicine is that maintaining optimal function leads to a longer life of optimal health.”

“The holistic philosophy of medicine is based on the premise that the whole person, not simply the symptoms of disease, must be treated. Illness is not conceived as a single disease with a specific cure, but rather as an expression of disharmony with the natural world.”

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We deal with complex problems such as: estrogen metabolism, leaky gut, canadida, allergies, detoxification pathways, bone loss, cardiovascular risk, and homocystine levels, that are underlying causes of dysfunction.